Tony Perez Saxophon

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TONY offers you a healthy escape from the hard working, crazy, hum-drum days, with his instrumental crooning Saxophone performances. His Smooth and sensual styles of Jazz, Pop, Ballads and Evergreens will enchant and captivate his audiences.

TONY started at the Music school of Belgrade with the violin but later took up clarinet then saxophone. After his University studies in chemistry he left Belgrade to study Jazz at the Music Academy in Graz and finished in the Vienna Conservatory where he received his ‘Saxophone Diplome’. TONY taught in several music schools east of Austria thereafter 16 years in the Haydn Music Conservatory, Austria, where he succeeded in grounding a Jazz/Pop department. AS WELL AS teaching saxophone he also taught classes of jazz music theory, ear training, jazz improvisation and history. TONY gained recognition with his renowned concerts where he mixed both classical and jazz musicians and created a wonderful crossover.

TONY says, "Many people have told me how much they love the Sax! They Think the Sax is so human it can sing and cry in any language of love".

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